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Establishing a Capacity Development Facility at BIPA in the Kingdome of Bahrain

This project aims to enhance the capability of BIPA in serving the public sector by establishing a Capacity Development Facility at BIPA, and promoting BIPA as the reference point for Quality…  

Provision of Sustainable Micro-Finance Credit and Services to Needy Citizens of the Kingdom of Bahrain

This Project expands upon the number of beneficiaries who benefited under the earlier project (Microstart) in order to achieve a significant impact on reducing unemployment and poverty in Bahrain.  

Enhancing Institutional Capacity for Global Economic Environment and Governance

This programme is aimed at strengthening the national capacity of Bahrain’s governmental departments and stakeholders through technical cooperation and addressing key areas in relation to law, policy…  


A single Purchase Order (PO) can be issued to purchase goods or services for one or more projects. For those POs, the amount displayed is for one project only. Thus, there may be entries for less than…  

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