Under the auspices of the Minister of Labor and Social Development H.E. Jameel bin Mohammed Humaidan, the United Nations and the Bahá'í Social Society hold event on "The Role of Civil Society in Action for Peace"

Sep 20, 2017

Under the patronage of the Minister of Labor and Social Development HE Mr. Jameel bin Mohammed Ali Humaidan, the United Nations in Bahrain and the Baha'i Social Society organized an evening on the occasion of the International Day of Peace aimed at spreading and consolidating the concept of peace, coexistence and human values ​​in support of unity and brotherhood on Monday, 18 September 2017, at the UN House in Hoora.


The program was launched by H.E. Mr. Jameel bin Mohammed Ali Humaidan, Minister of Labor and Social Development, and delivered in his absence by His Excellency Mr. Khaled Ishaq, Assistant Undersecretary for Community Development. In his speech, he expressed the role of the Kingdom of Bahrain in supporting the culture of peace and its achievements at the local and international levels, as well as the importance of international efforts to end conflicts and bring about peace around the world. He praised the initiative of the Baha'i Social Society and the United Nations in Bahrain to celebrate this important occasion, considering it a living example of the culture of coexistence and tolerance that characterizes the Kingdom of Bahrain.


The United Nations Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative in Bahrain, H.E. Mr. Amin Al-Sharkawi, gave a speech in which he noted that the theme of this year's Peace Day highlights the objectives of sustainable development: "The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Sustainable Development Goals are unique in that their calls for action ensure that no one is left behind in the development process.We find the five basic elements of the Agenda for Sustainable Development: People, planet, prosperity, peace and partnership pave the way for achieving the Global Goals, as a model for what we would like to be in the next 13 years. The evening focuses on Sustainable Development Goal 16 “Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions”. This event provides us with the opportunity to listen to some practical experiences some civil society organizations in Bahrain working to achieve this goal.”


During his intervention, the Chairman of the Baha'i Social Society, Dr. Badie Jaberi highlighted that for the first time in history, every human being can look towards the entire planet with all the different peoples of different colors and races in a unified way. “Universal peace is not only possible, but it must also be achieved, and moving forward to this next stage is crucial. The optimism we derive from a vision that stands before us is the union of all peoples of the world in one global family. Bahá'u'lláh wrote a century and a half ago: "The reform of the world and its security and tranquility can be achieved only after the consolidation of the foundations of the Union and the agreement." He added that the pillars of social and economic development we have known so far have been based on material considerations of human life. Thus, it is clear that there is a need to set a goal for the development of society above the mere improvement of material conditions, and the search for this objective should be in the context of the spiritual dimensions and motivations of life.”


Three Bahraini institutions and associations presented their practical experiences and some of their peace initiatives in a panel discussion. Mr. Suhail bin Ghazi Al-Gosaibi, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Bahrain Foundation for Dialogue presented to the audience the Foundation's pioneering experiences in tolerance, coexistence and mutual respect. Dr. Wajeeha Sadiq Al Baharna, Vice President of the Bahrain Women's Association, presented the society's experiences in the field of achieving peace and supporting the culture of brotherhood in society. Mr. Jalal Khalil of the Baha'i Social Society also presented the experiences of the society in terms of promoting coexistence in society such as the empowerment of women and the role of arts and family in spreading the message of coexistence and peace.


The evening was marked by a peace-themed song presented by a number of children and young people of Bahrain, reflecting the dream of emerging generations to a world of peace and unity between people.

IMG_6177Mr. Amin El Sharkawi, UN RC and UNDP RR and Dr. Badie Jaberi, Bahai Social Society Chairman.
IMG_6222A group photo with the children.

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