Enhancing Institutional Capacity for Global Economic Environment and Governance


 Celebration of World Intellectual Property Day April 2012 by UNDP Bahrain in collaboration with Ministry of Industry and Commerce

This project aimed at strengthening the national capacity of Bahrain’s governmental departments and stakeholders through technical cooperation and addressing key areas in relation to law, policy formulation and administration with an overarching objective in attracting further international economic activity. The section Improving Productivity in the National Economic Strategy highlights the strategic initiative of expanding total Investment, with an emphasis on raising foreign direct investment.  Furthermore the government aims to explore the feasibility of partnerships with international hubs for high value added products or services.

Key Achievement


  • Programme Manager recruited
  • Capacity development for BSMD in the implementation of WTO TBT agreement completed
  • Awareness raising event organized in Celebration of the World IP Day

Resources of fund

Ministry of Industry & Commerce $713,000.58  
UNDP $713,000.58


US $ 30544.79
US $ 50038.57

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