Enhancing Parliamentary Strength

What is the project about

The Parliament of the Kingdom of Bahrain is relatively new, established in 2002, and focuses on drafting laws, as well as oversight.  To improve the performance and nature of debates, strengthening the support system providing by the parliamentary secretariat is essential. 

The Secretariat, through technical support provided by UNDP, aims to develop its current performance through implementing best practices in order to efficiently meet the expectations and demands placed on it from both the Shura Council and the Council of Representatives.  It enhances the organizational output of both Councils by enhancing the services provided by support staff through building their knowledge and skills while also building their career progression.

A preliminary survey conducted by UNDP showed the need for further capacity building of Parliamentary support staff.  Accordingly, the Project “Strengthening the Capacity of the Parliamentary Secretariat and Members of Parliament” was signed with both the Shura Council and the Council of Representatives.  Aligned with Economic Vision 2030, in which a key aspiration is an efficient and effective government, the Project strengthens legislatures towards good governance leading to human development and realization of MDG targets.

What have we accomplished so far

Management level staff received training on strategic planning and leadership, with emphasis on gender mainstreaming.  Researchers and committees’ information service providers attended workshops on the diverse needs of MPs and how to meet those needs. 

 Human resources training were also conducted on the methods of conducting a Training Needs Analysis to enable long term planning of training, career progression, and the evaluation of staff.  Study exchange programmes were developed where members of the Parliamentary Secretariat exchanged experiences, best practices, and procedures. Along with that, an Induction Programme and Manual for new parliamentary staff was introduced; a step that means greater awareness of roles and responsibilities and a more efficient process.

To optimize efficiency of the five Permanent Committees of the Council of Representatives, training was provided to develop the skills of management level staff in creating departmental strategies and work plans.

An Orientation package was created for all new MPs covering the constitutional framework, organizational structure, committee systems, strategic and financial planning, among other topics.  Towards achieving gender sensitivity in public policy, this package included a focus on gender consideration and specific workshops were conducted on gender-related legislation and oversight, as well as gender budgeting. 

Who Finances it?

Parliament US $ 200,000
UNDP US $ 100,000

Delivery in previous fiscal year

US $ 64,532
US $ 54,891  

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