Eight Goals for 2015

The government of the Kingdom of Bahrain has embraced the challenge of meeting the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) by 2015 and is potentially on track to meet all the MDG targets.  The current MDG report reveals that Bahrain has already made significant progress towards achieving the MDGs.

Integral to all UNDP Bahrain priority programme areas is the agreement between the Government and the United Nations country team that UNDP and other United Nations agencies will prioritize and coordinate their support so that Bahrain fully achieves the MDGs by 2015. UNDP aims to achieve the goals in line with the United Nations reform agenda and Delivering as One. This country programme will help accelerate progress towards full and sustainable achievement of the MDGs through the MDG+ (scaling-up) exercise. It focuses support on the most disadvantaged, especially women and youth, and promotes environmentally sustainable use of the country’s natural resources.

The MDGs are 8 goals to be achieved by 2015 that were introduced to address the varied development challenges confronting the world today. With the UN Millennium Declaration, 189 nations took the first step towards reducing the burden of poverty that prevents people, irrespective of color or creed to reach their full potential. The 8 MDGs break down into 18 quantifiable targets that are measured by 48 indicators.