Women's Empowerment

UNDP addresses the need to build and strengthen national capacity for advocating and mainstreaming women’s needs into various development processes, in line with the National Strategy for the Advancement of Bahraini Women. Recognizing that comprehensive development cannot be achieved without the active participation of women, the Government of Bahrain actively seeks to integrate women’s needs in national strategies and development programs. Bahraini women have assumed leading positions in various fields of work and responsibilities, including high holding high diplomatic and decision-making posts. This is reflected in its Gender Inequality Index (GII) value of 0.258 (HDR 2013), ranking it 45 out of 148 countries in the 2012 index. In Bahrain, 18.8 percent of parliamentary seats are held by women, and 74.4 percent of adult women have reached a secondary or higher level of education compared to 80.4 percent of their male counterparts.

Our Goals

UNDP works in partnership with national institutions to strengthen the capacities of women to empower them to occupy positions of leadership and to provide women with new work opportunities. In addition, efforts will continue towards activating the rights detailed in international instruments and implementing national strategies guaranteeing equality for women. In order to evaluate the impact of development strategies, disaggregated data and budgeting must also be considered. These are the key areas in which UNDP will provide support to women’s empowerment in Bahrain. more

University of Bahrain

UNDP, in Collaboration with UoB, launched the Regional Gender Economics Policy and Management initiative (GEPMI) as a flagship gender programme for the Arab states region.more

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