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 UNDP partners with all different spectrum in Kingdom of Bahrain UNDP partners with all different spectrum in Kingdom of Bahrain


Partnerships are the basis upon which UNDP conducts its development work. In order to address the global challenges facing the Kingdom of Bahrain, UNDP works in close collaboration, at all stages – from the planning and implementing to the evaluation of programmes and projects – with a wide range of local and regional governments, ministries, non-governmental organizations and other private sector entities. A non-exhaustive list of relevant websites for the abovementioned institutions is provided below:

Ministries and governmental organizations:

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Ministry of Finance
  • Ministry of Justice, Islamic Affairs & Waqf Ministry of Human Rights
  • Ministry of Social Development
  • Ministry of Cabinet Affairs
  • Ministry of Information
  • Ministry of State for Shura Council & Representative Council Affairs
  • Ministry of Interior
  • Ministry of Industries and Commerce
  • Ministry of Labour
  • Ministry of Municipalities Affairs & Urban Planning
  • Ministry of Transportation
  • Ministry of Works & Housing
  • Bahrain e-Government Authority
  • Central Informatics Organisation
  • Civil Service Bureau
  • Civil Aviation Affairs
  • Economic Development Board
  • General Organization for Youth & Sports
  • The Parliament (Secretariat)
  • The Parliament, Shura Council (Legislative Upper House)
  • The Parliament, Nuwab Council (Legislative Lower House)
  • Supreme Council for Women
  • Supreme Council for Environment
  • Electricity and Water Authority
  • National Oil & Gas Authority

Other institutions

  • University of Bahrain
  • Arab Gulf University
  • Diraasat
  • Bahrain Women Union
  • Awal Women Society
  • Child and Mother Welfare Society

UN agencies

  • UNEP
  • WMO
  • ICAO

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