Democratic Governance

UNDP Bahrain continues to support the institutionalisation of a democratic culture, focusing especially on the role of women and youth in public life. UNDP has been a partner in these efforts through numerous capacity building measures and enhancing democratic and good governance principles by implementing a participatory approach to policy development. Prospects for a more inclusive and viable democratic process by strengthening the institution of parliament and government agencies while fostering citizen participation are given particular attention. More

Our Goals

UNDP partners with the Government of Bahrain to strengthen systems, institutions and mechanisms that enable national institutions and public officials to perform their functions effectively. UNDP’s main goal is to build capacities for performance-based at the national level making best use of in-depth experience accumulated over many years from around the globe. On the national level, UNDP supports national political empowerment bodies, building the capacities of public sector staff, strengthening parliamentary oversight, and the gender-responsive budgeting.more

Bahrain Parliament

The National Assembly is the name of both chambers of the Bahraini parliament when sitting in joint session, as laid out in the Constitution of 2002. It has 80 seats formed from the 40 elected members of the Council of Representatives (the lower house) and the 40 royally-appointed members of the Consultative Council (the upper house). It is chaired by the Speaker of the Consultative Council, or by the Speaker of the Council of Representatives if the former is absent.more

Our Stories

Senior Government Officers are receiving some hands-on training at CDF
Strengthening the Public Sector Capacity Development Facility - Bahrain Institute of Public Administration (BIPA)

The Kingdom of Bahrain is expanding job opportunities for its growing youth population to ensure higher productivity and more sustainable national development.  Rapid population growth, amore 


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