GEPMI- Pathway to Economic & Gender Equality

UNDP works to strengthen national capacities to formulate plans and policies more efficiently, fairly and transparently.  The aim is to promote equitable and sustainable achievement of the MDGs and local development goals. Through various projects implemented in cooperation with government institutions, we support efforts to make human development an integral component of national plans and policies.

Awareness of democratic and political processes and the current reforms is addressed by UNDP in partnership with the Bahrain Institute for Political Development (BIPD).  UNDP builds on the Institute’s cadre, creating mechanisms for partnerships with international organizations, in order to assist in civic education, training future leaders (youth) and elected representatives with special emphasis on women, and raising awareness and advocacy of human rights issues.

With a rapidly expanding public sector in Bahrain, UNDP provides technical and advisory support to the Bahrain Institute for Public Administration (BIPA), in establishing a Capacity Building Facility.  BIPA works to develop public administration and training in ministries and state institutions and contributes to qualifying public staff in order to provide citizens with quality and efficient services.  Through UNDP’s introduction of the Capacity Development Approach to BIPA, this Approach is being passed onto government institutions.  Further plans include providing support to the creation of a Research and Development Unit within BIPA.

To strengthen democratic processes, trainings and advice in best practices have been provided by UNDP to Parliamentarians in oversight and outreach functions and improving dialogue with the executive branch.  Training has also been conducted with Parliament’s secretariat staff, focusing on strategic planning and support to development of parliamentary databases. Support was also provided to the Second National Dialogue Forum, which brought together all segments of the political community to discuss key issues affecting political reform and social harmony. 

Ensuring that the development goals impact men and women equally, Bahrain requires procedures, tools and methodologies to promote and monitor progress towards these results. In response, UNDP has developed a capacity development programme - the Global Gender and Economic Policy Management Initiative (GEPMI). This Initiative is a direct response to demands from national counterparts to, in a more comprehensive manner, strengthen policy, programming and operational capacities for gender equality in economic planning.

We intend to support the national statistical system to improve the quality of data and to support informed policy and decision making.

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