Our Funding and Delivery

Where our money comes from and what we spend it on?

Kingdom of Bahrain falls under the category of Net Contributer Countries (NCCs). Therfeore, all costs for UNDP’s presence and work in the country are contributed by the Government. In addition to maintain UNDP presence in the country, UNDP's Executive Board requires the UNDP Country Office to deliver programmes with the cost of at least US$ 10 million per programme cycle (4 years).

Development Contribution by Donor for Bahrain

Fiscal yearDonorTotal Contribution
2010GOVERNMENT OF BAHRAIN$2,238,203.69
2010eGovernment Authority$243,257.00
2011Institute of public administra$146,321.41
2011Ministry of Social developme$279,070.00
2011Ministry of Industry and Comme$475,712.00
2012Institute of public administra$147,969.00
2012University of Bahrain$669,974.50
2014Institute of public administra$146,096.50
2014Ministry of Social developme$282,531.00
2014Ministry of Industry and Comme$237,860.00
2014Bahrain Institute for Politica$199,944.00
2014Public Prosecution, Kingdom of$150,000.00
2015Bahrain Institute for Politica$229,972.00
2015Office of Minister of Energy$335,320.00

Programme Delivery for Bahrain

Programme Delivery 2010 Programme Delivery 2011 Programme Delivery 2012 Programme Delivery 2013 Programme Delivery 2014 Programme Delivery 2015
$1,606,232.21 $1,240,880.49 $1,298,894.92 $963,787.58 $882,964.45 $1,323,405.15

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