Review of the Progress of the Millennium Development Goals in the Kingdom of Bahrain

27 Sep 2010

Report Summary

Report includes a national review of the progress in achieving the Millennium Development Goals in the Kingdom of Bahrain during the past ten years. It has been prepared as part of the participation, by the Kingdom, in the upcoming meeting of the UN General Assembly, which will be held in September 2010 to review and assess the progress made on a global level in relation to the achievement of the goals previously approved in 2000/2001 with the adoption of the “Millennium Declaration” during the Millennium Summit held in September 2000

Progress in Achieving General Goals

  • Priority for Employment
  • Emphasis on the Quality of Education
  • Achieve in Education and Progress in Political and Economic Empowerment
  • Achieved, with an Effective Follow-up System
  • Priority to continue putting AIDS control and Attention to Non-Epidemic Diseases
  • Progress, with Difficulties due to the size of Bahrain and its precarious Environment
  • National targets achieved, with priority for following-up global targets and the continued impacts of the financial crises

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